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There isn't one but millions of reasons for me to fall in love with this amazing city.

The breeze of the Bosphorus, the forgotten stories of Taksim, the majesty of Hagia Sophia, the labyrinths of the Grand Bazaar, the smells of Turkish coffee and its magnificent flavors will take your breath away.

If It was an ordinary city, a short break would be enough for you. But It's Istanbul we are talking about here!

Wouldn't you like to witness the memories of this city through the eyes of a tour guide or a lover of Istanbul?


My Story

I have been working as a licensed tour guide in Istanbul and all of Turkey since 2006. I had spent years doing round trips around the country. Troy, Ephesus and Cappadocia were my favorite places. Later when I got married I directed my full interest on Istanbul and started doing elaborate walking tours. I'm also a travel enthusiast, so I know the expectations of a traveller well. I want you to discover not only tourist attractions but also hidden pathways that you won't find by your own. I like places where my guests can try splendid food, deserts and also places with best Turkish coffee while getting lost together in the mazes of Istanbul. This city is like a melting pot between new and old. There are also unbeaten paths which I like strolling through with my guests.


Before you book the tour, please contact Resfeber Team first to see if we can customize it together. Besides the tour I can also provide you with the countless recommendations for the rest of your stay.