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Istanbul for Culture Explorers

Come and experience Turkish Culture to get unforgattable memories.


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" Turkey has an unique culture. Lets explore Turkish people and see how they live in a daily life."


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" A rooted culture is waiting to us. Together we will visit the best cultural places."


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" Culture is everyting. Together we will explore the unforgettable cultural ceremonies and meet with local people"

Çarşıda Kilimlere Bakmak

A wonderful, unforgettable and fairytale-like experience is waiting for you in Istanbul Turkish Culture Tour. Satisfy your desire to explore new cultures with unknowns about Turkish Culture, traditional foods and events, warm hospitableness and everything about the Turkish People with a Professional licensed guide.

Tour will include traditional Turkish cuisine and drink tasting, traditional clothing styles and shopping places (bazaar etc.), Turkish traditions, traditional places and activities. The tour is %100 flexible and customizable. All tour related costs will be included in the total tour cost and there will be no extra payment.

Here are some of the information examples you can expect: most famous Turkish artist and their work of art, Turkish carpet visits, Turkish coffee and food tasting, Turkish Baths, Turkish Beliefs (superstition), Traditional clothes/goods and important historical places and other traditional places/activities which you like.

This tour is more than a culture tour, it’s a whole experience! In between stops, discover city highlights for a well-rounded experience that will satisfy your appetite for Istanbul. From history, hospitableness, food, drinks, must-sees and local hot spots; this tour has everything on the culture.

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Seramik Eşya Dükkanı

-Approximately 4 Hours

-Walking tour with Private Professional Guide

-Spoken in English, Deutsch, Turkish and Russian

- All tour-related costs include costs of food&drink which are selected by the guide and public transportation costs. 

- Approximately 80$ pp and group discounts can be applied


As Resfeber, we offer you personalized, flexible and experience-focused tours. Reach us now, our best guides will be in touch as soon as possible. Have a great vacation.