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Istanbul for Shoppers

The world's best-qualified goods come with very low prices. Come and treat yourself


Before the trip, you determine what you want to buy from Turkey and your budget level according to your hobbies and interests.

You will meet with your guide and You will go on a journey by chatting with your guide in the streets and bazaars of Beyoğlu, where you can find everything you want. And your guide will take you to the highest quality places that he knows and that suit your hobbies.


4.95/5  (42 Tours)

" I am a shopping lover and I can assist you about unique dresses and clothes."


4.87/5  (33 Tours)

"I know how I can find the best price/quality product. The prices will surprise you"


4.93/5  (35 Tours)

"For extraordinary shopping, you found the right guy. I knowwhere can we find best goods like carpet, towels, souvenirs etc "

You can consult your guide about your choices, get their opinion on prices, and even negotiate with Turkish style together. Your trip will not only be for shopping purposes, but your guide will also tell you the interesting aspects of the region, the life and culture in İstanbul, or the history and story of an interesting place you see on the way.

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-Approximately 4 Hours

-Walking tour with Private Professional Guide

-Spoken in English, Deutsch, Turkish and Russian

- Public transportation costs included 

-Your Personal spendings are not included to tour prices. 

- Approximately 70$ pp and group discounts can be applied


As Resfeber, we offer you personalized, flexible and experience focused tours. Reach us now, our best guides will be in touch as soon as possible. Have a great vacation!