Istanbul for History Lovers

Lets have a walk throughout the beautiful historical places of Istanbul

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You will meet with your guide and You will see must-see places you prefer such as Galata Tower, Dolmabahçe Palace, St. Pierre Church, and other different close to ten historical places. Determine the number of historical places and distance from each other, so you can arrange your trip according to the time that suits you.

Together with our Professional Guides, you will learn about the history and interesting details of these places you have chosen, and gain knowledge and experience that many tourists solely cannot achieve on their own.

When you need a break, make your trip unique by going to your guide's favorite restaurant, gift shop, or a place with a wonderful view of the city.
Do not forget to give feedback to our guide after the trip, and contact us in any case of a problem

-Must-see Places: Galata Tower, Dolmabahçe Palace, St. Pierre Church, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Genoese Building, The Virgin Mary Syriac Orthodox Church, Kamondo Stairs, Narmanlı Han, Syrian Catholic  Church, French Palace, Neve Shalom Synagogue, historical Galatasaray bath (Since 1481), Grand Bazaar, The Egyptian Bazaar



Approximately 4 Hours

-Walking tour with Private Professional Guide

-Spoken in English, Deutsch, Turkish and Russian

- Public transportation costs included

-Your Personal spendings are not included to tour prices. 

- Approximately 70$ pp and group discounts can be applied

As Resfeber, we offer personalized, flexible and experience-focused tours. Reach us now, our best guides will be in touch as soon as possible. Have a great vacation


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"Beautiful city with unique history. Lets explore the hidden stories of Istanbul"


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" Every street in Istanbul has a story, I am sure we can find something from your life in Istanbul streets together"


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"As a history lover guide, I offer my knowledge and friendship to you"