Michelin Star Restaurants in Istanbul - 2022

"Istanbul has always been a prominent cultural and touristic destination; today with the Michelin Guide, we hope to express to local and international gourmets alike, that it is also a prime gastronomic destination," said Gwendal Poullennec

Fatih Tutak gained City’s first two Michelin Stars. Mr. Tutak’s exceptional cuisine performance has helped him to gain Turkey’s first 2 Michelin Stars. His “modern and sophisticated stage for gourmets“ focuses on Turkish flavors. These flavors are creatively reunited by Mr. Tutak.

4 more restaurants also gained Michelin stars. One of them is Zeynep Pınar Taşdemir’s Araka Restaurant which offers highly personal and audacious cuisine with a focus on seasonal vegetables and herbs.

With the mission of “Anatolian traditions with a touch of innovation”, Mikla also gained the title of Michelin Star Restaurant in Istanbul

On the other hand, with a "daring techniques and culinary innovation” mission and promoting restaurants to more sustainable gastronomy, Neolokal has been selected for 2 Michelin Stars with Green Star.

A Michelin Star Restaurant Candidate Experience in Istanbul

Deraliye is one of the best and most unique Turkish Restaurants which offers different cuisine options like Ottoman and Turkish cuisines. Deraliye’s famous performance has been considered by Michelin experts and nominated as a candidate for Michelin Stars. Come and check Resfeber’s Deraliye Ottoman and Turkish Cuisine tour and explore the Michelin Star Restaurants in Istanbul.

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