From Byzantine to Ottoman Empire: Experience 1500 Years of Bath Culture

Relax in One of Istanbul's Historical Baths

Available Languages: English, German, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

How about spending time in one of the historical baths? Istanbul has a very rich bath culture, from cisterns from the Byzantine period to Turkish baths from the Ottomans. In addition to seeing the unique beauties of Istanbul, It will be good to relax in one of Istanbul's famous baths.

About Experience

You can request your hammam experience in one of two popular locations, Sultanahmet or Beyoğlu. We will offer you the most suitable bath and the content package.

Price will definitely include the following contents.

Use of bath (no time limit)



Oily Massage

Face mask


Time Duration

1.5 hours 

Meeting Point

Beyoğlu or Fatih

Important Information

Experience Content

Experience Includes 24/7 support on program progress and admission ticket

Free Cancellation

Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the event

Depending on the selected bath, the places for men and women may be different (Please indicate your preference by contacting us.)